Compass Recovery is a top-rated alcohol rehab in feeding hills with hundreds of positive reviews, the highest success rates, and affordable treatment programs. Our proven treatment approach has helped and motivated numerous individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle and maintain it in the long term.

Importance of seeking help for alcoholism

Aside from the immediate effects of alcohol abuse like impaired judgment, nausea, blackouts, headaches, etc., alcohol addiction may also lead to irreversible organ damages over time. You must seek timely help for alcoholism to prevent adverse side effects like depression, brain damage, anxiety disorders, neurological impairment, chronic pancreatitis, and sexual problems.

Not to mention, your alcohol abuse disorder may also cause you to face legal and financial troubles, relationship problems, and issues at work. You can prevent that by joining our leading alcohol rehab in Feeding Hills with affordable and flexible treatment programs.

How do I approach my loved ones about their addiction problem?

If you believe that your loved one has an addiction problem, you need to help them become aware of their problem. While it can be terrifying to confront your loved one about their alcohol addiction, it’s something you need to do. Here how to motivate your loved ones to being the addiction treatment:

  1. Always have someone with you when starting the conversation. Your goal shouldn’t be to convince the drug or alcohol user that they have an addiction disorder but to express your genuine concern for their wellbeing.
  2. Do not have this conversation when they are intoxicated. Plan it at a time when the person is sober and relaxed.
  3. Speak to them about their recent behaviors and incidents that cause concern and how their behaviors have hurt you.

You want to ensure that it is a two-way discussion to avoid them from getting defensive or feel cornered. If your conversation with your loved one fails at first, make sure to repeat it at a later time and date.

Do I have an alcohol addiction disorder?

Realizing that you may have an addiction disorder is never easy. However, the sooner you acknowledge and understand your addiction, the earlier you can seek help and prevent adverse health complications. Here are the signs that warn of the presence of an alcohol addiction disorder:

  • Taking alcohol in large amounts or for long periods.
  • Wanting to cut down alcohol consumption, but you find it impossible to do so.
  • Spending several hours in getting, using, and recovering from alcohol
  • Experiencing intense cravings to consume alcohol
  • Inability to actively participate at work, home, or school because of excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Continuing alcohol consumption despite facing problems in relationships and with loved ones.
  • Choosing alcohol over attending social, occupational, or recreational activities.

If you struggle with alcoholism, we are here to help. Call us at 8448442988 to join the #1 alcohol rehab in Feeding Hills. Compass Recovery is a leading addiction treatment facility with the best IOP and PHP recovery programs and an efficient clinical team. Embark on a life-transforming journey towards sobriety with our personalized healing approach.

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