Compass Recovery is a top-tier drug rehab in Feeding Hills, MA, with the best PHP and IOP treatment programs. We guide former drug users towards sobriety using customized recovery plans and an integrated treatment approach.

What is PHP treatment, and what services does it include?

PHP or partial hospitalization program refers to staying at a rehab facility for several hours a day and receiving addiction treatments and therapies. Some rehabs offer medical detox as a part of their PHP treatment. It is ideal for those battling a moderate level of drug or alcohol addiction.

As a leading drug rehab in Feeding Hills, MA, we use cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and other evidence-based modalities to help individuals overcome addiction. We have a dedicated team of clinicians working closely with our PHP patients to guide them towards sobriety.

What is IOP treatment?

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) refers to an in-depth addiction treatment program provided on an outpatient basis. IOP treatments are more flexible compared to residential rehab as it requires you to attend multiple sessions for few hours each week but allows you to maintain your everyday responsibilities. You will participate in counseling services, individual and group therapy, relapse prevention education, 12-step recovery support groups, and holistic programs under IOP treatment.

Intensive outpatient programs are ideal for those suffering from a mild-to-moderate substance abuse disorder. IOPs do not include medically supervised detox or around-the-clock medical care like residential treatment. However, they act as a step-down level of care for those looking for continued structure and support after spending several weeks at an inpatient rehab center. It is more affordable than inpatient treatment and offers the second-best level of care with long-term assistance and guidance.

Benefits of intensive outpatient programs

IOPs are more popular compared to other types of treatments for their flexibility. IOP treatment allows you to live at home and participate in everyday activities and work-related commitments. Some of the defining pluses of IOP include:

  1. It is more affordable than inpatient treatment and offers the second-highest level of care after residential rehab.
  2. Remain in constant contact with your family members and loved ones, allowing you to heal and recover with their encouragement and support.
  3. Our drug rehab in Feeding Hills, MA, offers flexible IOP treatment, and our therapists work around your schedule to help you manage work and substance abuse treatment in a stress-free manner.

IOP treatment provides you with access to a network of communal support, strengthening your commitment to sobriety in the long term. It also offers a higher level of care and structure than traditional outpatient therapy and be as effective as residential treatment programs for individuals battling mild to moderate addiction disorders. Not to mention, intensive outpatient treatment offers a sense of normalcy compared to attending inpatient rehab.

Verify your insurance with us today at 8448442988. Compass Recovery is a premier drug rehab in Feeding Hills, MA, with the best clinical staff and world-class amenities. We can help you embrace sobriety and reduce the pain and discomfort in your recovery journey.

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