Compass Recovery offers highly effective drug treatment programs in Agawam with a dedicated and skilled clinical team. We address and treat addiction alongside its root cause to help recovering addicts attain sustainable sobriety.

Can I get sober on my own?

Trying to quit addiction by yourself can be a painful and dangerous route to take. Long-term addiction to substances like heroin, alcohol, benzos, etc., can cause severe withdrawal symptoms in the early stages of your recovery, making it impossible for you to get clean. Besides, self-detox can put your life at risk for medical emergencies and several health complications.

Signing up for drug treatment programs in Agawam can help you overcome your addiction safely and prepare you for lasting success with sobriety. Most facilities begin treatment with medical detox, which helps your body eliminate all the drug and alcohol-related toxins from your system. You will then take part in a series of psychotherapies, individual and group therapy sessions, and counseling and learn critical coping mechanisms. Speak to an addiction professional at a rehab near you to understand your options for recovery.

How do I deal with the stigma associated with attending rehab?

Most recovering addicts face backlash from their loved ones, colleagues, employers, friends, etc., for attending rehab treatment. Some individuals avoid addiction treatment fearing that it may tarnish their reputation. While there is some stigma associated with addiction and rehab treatment, you cannot let it get in the way of seeking the help you need.

Rehab treatment is your only chance to learn critical coping skills and embrace a healthier lifestyle. You must allow yourself to get better regardless of what others say or think. Addiction treatment is all about helping you make positive changes in your life. If you feel like people in your life are not supportive of your decision to attend rehab, it may be time to eliminate such relationships and redefine your social group.

Qualities to look for in a drug rehab

Once you make the liberating decision to attend rehab, the next intimidating task ahead is to choose the best facility for your recovery. Here are some of the critical qualities to look for in drug rehab:

  • Underlying issues – You want to join a rehab that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of your addiction. Healing from the underlying mental health problems can prevent you from relapsing in the long term.
  • Success rate – Make sure to attend a treatment center with the lowest relapse and dropout rates.
  • Customized recovery plans – Steer clear from facilities that use a cookie-cutter treatment approach to address addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. Each addiction circumstance is unique, and a one-size-fits-all recovery approach may not benefit you in your journey towards sobriety.

Compass Recovery is one of the few rehabs in MA to use a mix of evidence-based and holistic drug treatment programs in Agawam. Our integrated treatment approach ensures a safe and speedy recovery and reduces your risk for relapse in the long term. We accept all major insurance providers in MA. Call us today to verify your insurance with us.

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