Compass Recovery is a premier outpatient drug rehab in Springfield with the lowest relapse rates, customized therapies, and flexible treatment programs. We help our clients embrace sobriety using evidence-based therapies, 12-step meetings, and counseling and equip them with critical coping skills for lasting success with recovery.

What can I expect at outpatient drug rehab?

Outpatient treatment helps you embrace sobriety and a healthier lifestyle using a broad range of addiction therapies. Under outpatient rehab, you can expect to participate in counseling sessions, group and individual therapy, 12-step meetings, and other holistic wellness programs.

You will attend outpatient rehab for 1-2 hours a day for 5-6 days a week. You can also expect to meet new people dealing with similar issues and build valuable bonds with them. The communal support you receive at outpatient rehab can help you stay strong in your life-long commitment to sobriety. We are a reputed outpatient drug rehab in Springfield with highly effective addiction treatments and therapies at affordable prices.

Can outpatient treatment help achieve sobriety in the long term?

Any rehab treatment is better than no treatment at all. If your busy schedule prevents you from attending inpatient treatment, you may sign up for outpatient rehab to break free from addiction. While outpatient rehab offers the lowest level of care, it still allows you to heal and recover from your behavioral disorder with the love and support of your family members.

It also allows you to maintain your everyday responsibilities while attending treatment, which can be a huge advantage for many. Like inpatient treatment, outpatient therapy helps you stay sober in the long run because it allows you to heal in sober fellowship. The valuable bonds and friendships that you develop at outpatient therapy sessions can strengthen your commitment to sobriety and help you stay clean in the long haul.

How to overcome addiction on my own?

Overcoming addiction without professional help might be a risky route to take, especially if you suffer from long-term or severe addiction disorders. Professional addiction treatment is pivotal to help you achieve a safe and speedy recovery from substance abuse disorders. Not to mention, the cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be excruciatingly painful and cause a great deal of discomfort. In worse cases, you could end up in the ER for life-threatening emergencies.

You need to undergo a step-by-step treatment process to safely overcome the cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and underlying mental health problems. Trying recovery at home puts you at a high risk of relapse, which can ruin your several months of hard work. Do not quit drugs or alcohol cold turkey or attempt to get sober without medical supervision. Call a treatment provider near you to learn about your recovery options.

Reach Compass Recovery at 8448442988 to sign up for addiction treatment. We are the #1 outpatient drug rehab in Springfield, and we treat all types of drug and alcohol addiction disorders. Our multidisciplinary treatment approach enables our clients to leave our facility with improved physical, mental, and emotional health. Verify your insurance with us now!

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