Our rehab in Feeding Hills has helped numerous former drug and alcohol users find their path towards sobriety and has inspired them to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Compass Recovery offers a safe and tranquil space for those battling addiction to help them overcome their behavioral and mental health problems one day at a time.

What makes us the best rehab in Feeding Hills?

As a pioneer rehab center for substance abuse disorders, we understand that recovery from addiction requires a customized treatment approach and personalized care and support from a dedicated staff team. We offer the highest quality of care to those battling addiction without PHP and IOP treatment programs.

Our behavioral therapists use advanced science-based modalities like cognitive-behavior therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, etc., to help you attain improved physical and mental wellness. We accept all relevant insurance providers and offer addiction treatment at affordable prices.

Signs warning the need for alcohol addiction treatment

If your alcohol consumption results in negative consequences for you and those around you, you may have an addiction problem. Here are some of the telling signs of alcohol addiction:

  • Experiencing breathing difficulties, impaired judgment, headaches, blackouts, nausea, or distorted vision
  • Suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, high blood pressure, neurological impairment, or a compromised immune system because of your alcoholism
  • Facing problems in relationships and suffering sex-related issues
  • Suffering unintentional injuries from car crashes, falls, burns, and drowning.
  • Facing legal charges for sexual assault and domestic violence
  • Getting into tiffs with family members, friends, and loved ones
  • Feeling the urge to consume alcohol to relax, function normally, and perform everyday activities.

If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms, you must consider joining a rehab facility as soon as possible. Leaving alcohol addiction untreated can lead to cancer of the mouth and throat, nerve damage, chronic pancreatitis, and permanent brain damage.

Components of an intensive outpatient program

The components of the IOP program can vary from one facility to another. Generally, IOP treatment lasts around 9-18 hours and encompasses individual and group therapy, counseling, holistic programs, and 12-step meetings. Patients attend rehab for several hours a day, 5-6 days a week in the beginning. The duration and frequency of the treatment sessions decrease as you progress through recovery. Here is what you can expect with IOP treatment:

  • Individualized counseling – One-on-one therapy sessions allow our clients to meet with a licensed therapist in a private setting. We offer weekly and bi-weekly individual therapy sessions at our leading rehab in Feeding hills.
  • Group therapy – These sessions allow you to build valuable bonds with fellow recovering addicts and help you heal and recover with peer support.
  • Holistic therapy – Holistic therapies include art therapy, yoga, experiential therapy, etc., which allow you to develop improved awareness, enjoy better sleep, and attain emotional stability and peace of mind.

Reach us at 8448442988 to verify your insurance. Compass Recovery is a leading drug and alcohol rehab in Feeding Hills with the best amenities, highly rewarding PHP and IOP programs, and an experienced clinical team. We can steer you towards sobriety and help you learn critical coping mechanisms and life skills along the journey.

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